Annual sports day at an Indian school.

Art and sports are encouraged

Schools in India usually have annual Sports day for their students. It’s a special day. Children don’t study in that day but participate in sports events. Some children perform dances, sing songs and play musical instruments. Arts as well as sport activities are encouraged in Indian schools. It looks like my little son sings every day at school. When he comes back home from school he keeps  singing.

And for the sports day management of a school arranges sports competitions and dancing and singing performances for parents. The parents are invited to come and see the performance and the competitions.

Due to the event we were asked to take our children to school earlier than usually today and the school buses were not provided as the children were supposed to come along with their parents.

Parents and children separated

In some schools children spend this day together with their parents, but in the others the children and parents are kept separately like it was in our school. And it was a bit disappointing.

But somewhere closer to the end of the event, my baby found me among the parents and suddenly jumped on my lap when I was not at all expecting. It was a great surprise for me and really made my day! 🙂

Different school rules: Kerala vs Maharashtra

I forgot about all what usually makes me sad. I forgot about the strict rules of the school and tough, not flexible manners of the teachers. I forgot about one more silly rule which in my opinion has not sense. I mean the rule to keep the children separately from the parents. Indeed, I was told that in Kerala children and parents spend this day together.

Happy day and nice weather

Nevertheless it was a happy day for both me and my son. We did enjoy. Cute small children of 4-5 years old running and trying to complete the tasks on the sports field added to the good mood. Smiling and laughing parents were watching and trying their best to distinguish their sons and daughters among the others.  And even the weather added to the goodness of the day. It was not hot until as long as 11:30 and the inner yard of the school was lightened by the sunlight.

The mood was good so I was really enjoying and made a few photos and videos of the event. Though I’m not sure about videos if they suit a new policy of YouTube about videos with children. I’m gonna check new youtube rules about publishing videos with children. Hope mine will suit.

Lunch on tennis court

The children who did not participate ate their lunch from the lunch boxes (they bring them from home) and watched the performance and competitions while sitting on a tennis court, right on the ground. Yes, one can afford sitting on soil or stone here in Mumbai. This is hot India, guys! 😉


The winners for each competition were announced via microphone along with the beats of drums.

The children who took the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place stood on  a podium wearing their medals and the teachers and parents took the pictures. And tomorrow one will be able to see the pictures of the winners on the school site.

End of the sports day

By 12:00-12:30 the sun started to scorch us. Luckily the event was already over. The last participants were being announced and at that time my baby ran to his classroom to take the bag. Good we had an umbrella because in the afternoon it’s always hot and I recommend to carry an umbrella along.

We had to walk for sometimes until we reached an auto stand. And it was not so hot you know. The real heat comes to Mumbai in Apri- May. That’s why sports events (as well as weddings) are usually not held in April-May.

Sports events bring good mood

After the sports day I actually felt more energetic even though I didn’t participate. But the whole atmosphere was so positive and the weather was so sunny that my mood got better and better. And now when I’m writing this post, I’m slightly smiling as if someone whom I love was sitting in front of me.

What about you? Do you like sports and competitions? Are there events like this in your school? Do sports and sport events make your mood better? Write about your experience in the comments. I’m curious to know.


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