Tonight back from Kerala

Bye bye Kerala!

We are just back from a 2-week trip to Kerala… 24 hours in a train and we are back in Mumbai. We started  from Calicut (in Malayalam Kozhikode).

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A village in Kerala
Indian railways: late trains & Free Wi-fi
Inside Indian train, AC car. It may have 2 or 3 births one above another.

Our train was late again. Yes , Indian trains are often late (our trains in this trip were late for 2-3 hours) but the waiting was not boring as the railway stations in Mumbai and Kerala are equipped with high speed Wi-fi  so travelers can watch movies via Internet. This is exactly what my son did while waiting for the train.

As usually you need to get a password via your phone and connect through your phone settings. The Internet is unlimited by the amount of traffic and the time you use it. You also don’t need to be a passenger, just need to be at the station.

Elevators and free shower rooms

Such stations like Calicut, Kochin and Trivandrum are now equipped with free shower rooms and elevators. We were happy that there was no need to carry heavy luggage up the stairs like before. If you are travelling from far you can have a shower. The shower rooms which I saw myself in Calicut station were clean and nice though I would advice to use flip flops so that not to catch fungous for which local humid climate is very favorable.

Kerala’s halva
Famous Calicut halva

If you travel to Kerlala, try halva that they produce there. It’s a sweet prepared mainly from sugar, flour, ghee, nuts and raisins. It has nothing to do with Russian halva if you ever tried one. And it’s more like some of Turkish lokums though the latter are not so sugary.

Make sure you are buying the tasty ones. Because some of them are really just sweet and nothing much more. So I recommend you to try it before buying. Sometimes a salesman may suggest you to try some. If not, then don’t hesitate to ask yourself. Otherwise buy a little of every sort of halva.

The weather in Kerala is wonderful now!

We spent in Kerala time from the middle of October until now. It’s not at all hot there, even relatively cool at times. Especially compared to Indian summer. I say relatively because for someone from a much colder country like Russia or Scandinavian countries it may still seem hot!

During these 2 weeks it poured with rain just 3-4 times, mostly at night – the Monsoon is about to over.

Some days were partly cloudy and this is when my small son hesitated to go into the water complaining that he felt cold.


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