Russian cranberry vs Indian tea

India. My first impressions.
Russian cranberry vs Indian tea.
The posts marked with “First impression” were written when I just started living in India. From “first impression” posts you will know about my first opinions, judgement, feelings and difficulties that I experienced in the first  year of my life in India. These posts are more emotional and contain less practically useful and actual information than my later posts. In one word “first impression” posts are about “cultural shock“. 
Nice cranberry – red grape – apple juice – I like it. I don’t know if it’s there in Russia but it was one of a few things that helped my adaptation in India where in the beginning I had literally nothing to eat.
Cranberry in Russia

Due to its warming effect cranberry is traditionally used by Russians not only as an ingredient for desserts and drinks but also as a remedy against cold and sore throat. Russian traditional cranberry drink has been prepared through centuries and is called “mors“.

How to cook Russian mors

It’s very easily cooked.  Simply add sugar and fresh or frozen cranberries into water and mix all. The water may be of any temperature, either cold or warm or very hot depending on your taste.

Russian kompot

No need to boil because once you boil it, it will turn into another traditional Russian drink called “kompot“.  By the way in Russia the most popular are apple kompot, plum kompot and a mixed fruit kompot made of the following dry fruits (plums, apricots, raisins, pears and apples). Apart from sugar we, Russians, usually don’t add anything into kompot. Kompot may be also served either hot or cold.


Cold cranberry juice warms the body

Despite the wide usage of cranberry in Russia, Russians hardly ever realize that even cold cranberry drink warms the body and Russians do drink cranberry mors as a refreshment in hot weather. Probably I would have also never realized this curious feature of cranberries if my Indian husband hadn’t drawn my attention to it.

Having tried cranberry juice for the first time in his life my Indian husband claimed that it was warm and did not have any cooling effect at all! When I suggested to use ice cubes he said it would not help as the juice is already cold enough but it kind of warms the body from inside!

Indeed. While living in Russia I’ve never paid attention to that cold cranberry drinks still have the warming effect on the body! But now when I listened to my body I surprisingly realized that after drinking cranberry juice I feel warm.

Hot Indian tea refreshes in the heat

I’ve always liked cranberries and since my moving to India I’ve always tried to do my best and find the food similar to those which I ate in Russia. But despite all this I’m not interested in buying cranberry juice here in India anymore as it’s not suitable for the local climate. By the way, Indian tea which is always consumed very hot has the opposite effect. Although it’s hot, it does work as a refreshment.

If you like, hold a small experiment. Make a few gulps of cold cranberry juice or mors and listen to your body. Then drink any other cold fruit juice. Do you feel the difference? Have you managed to feel the warming effect from the cranberry drink? Write about it in the comments, I’m interested to know.


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