Beauty and Indian climate

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Why Indian girls cover the face and head?
You might have thought the talk is going to be about Muslim girls. Not at all, and girl on the bike that you can see on the photo is just a girl who takes care of the state of her skin and hair. Indeed, the hot climate and high density of population, a lot of transport – all produces a lot of dust. Therefore the skin gets dirty and dry. That’s why some girls go out fully covered by clothes. The face and head are covered by a shawl or a scarf (Ind. dupatta), eyes – by sunglasses, hands – by gloves, and feet – by socks.  I’m serious… When it comes to India if you want to keep your beauty probably you will have to wear socks despite the heat. Yes, I did try to wear socks and it’s really hot!
Beauty and the Climate
Surely Indian climate doesn’t work well for health and beauty of your skin and hair. So sometimes I do think of following myself the example of the girls who cover the face, hair and feet protecting them from the heat and dust.
Having been lived in Mumbai for almost 6 years I can claim that using purifying and moisturizing cosmetics 2 times a day is a must when you are in India. So once going to Mumbai don’t forget to pack your favorite face scrub, toner, moisturizing cream, etc.  Coz you know it might be difficult to find the right skincare products in a foreign country.
Problems that one may face

Skin and hair care will take more time and effort when you are in India rather than in Russia or Europe. It’s especially important to take double care of your beauty if you live in India for a long time. So think twice before moving here))) m’Joking.

Indeed some of us may not notice any problems in the first time of living in India. But after a few months or years pollution and climate conditions will act up. Some girls may notice the skin and hair state is getting worse right in the very first days or weeks of staying in India.   It depends on many factors. As for me, I belong to those who didn’t notice the problem until I faced such a irritating thing like prickly heat which I wrote about before (for now only a Russian version of the post is available) and which is highly disturbing and unpleasant.

Later on I noticed more problems like dry skin, wide pores, dry, frizzy and falling hair, and harsh sole of the feet. And these are the problems that one may face while staying in India.

I’m writing this post basing on my personal experience of almost 6-year-life in Maharashtra and Kerala states. But the other states of India will surely bring similar skin and hair problems. This is logical if we think of the pollution level, extremely high density of population, much traffic and consequently much dust all over India especially in its big cities. For example overcrowded Delhi along with its unbearable summer heat, or Calcutta which is knows for its high level of pollution.

Caring about skin in India

So once you are in India I recommend to pay special attention to taking care of your face skin, sole skin, and the state of your hair. For that try to walk less in the most dusty areas like along the roads or on the soil where pavement is missing. Having come back home, wash up and clean your face with purifying means and your feet- with antibacterial soap. Do groceries shopping less frequently. Try to buy for a whole week at a time and always go for online shopping with home delivery whenever it’s possible. And do not neglect socks! There are light , thin socks available that are more or less suitable for wearing in the heat. For example I use sometimes my H&M socks made of lacy material full of holes. Whenever it’s convenient always prefer closed shoes to sandals.

Have pedicure and home hot foot baths done regularly. Apply cream on your feet before going out, this will prevent the skin from getting dry after contacting with the dust. After and before going outside do use purifying and moisturizing cosmetics for your face. The best is to cover your hair and face (or at least your hair) with a scarf or dupatta or a shawl to protect them from the sunlight and dust. This will help to avoid, dryness, discoloration and frizziness.

Keep in mind that in India you will most probably have to take much more care of your beauty than you used to do. Remember it’s easier to keep beauty than to gain it back. Good luck and be beautiful!

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