Summer has come to the South-Western India

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Beginning of summer

Today, the weather was very hot since long. And we had to switch on AC which has waited patiently for the start of its labor season.

It was already about 11 o’clock when I went out heading a local corner shop to buy some groceries. Then I realized that it’s time nowadays to keep staying at home as the weather has become too hot in the afternoon hours.

Indian siesta

Actually they do not normally call it like that but it is this 🙂 I guess it’s quite unusual or I would even say inconvenient for a Russian and for many other western people to stay at home almost all the day and just to waste the most of the daylight time.

In Russia we do complete most of our duties and obligations in the daylight time. By the evening we normally relax or go out to have fun, meet friends, do the shopping, dine in a restaurant, play bowling, sing karaoke, etc. So after my moving to India I’m still not used to spend almost all the day at home.

Most street sellers and small shops are closed in the afternoon hours.
A seller of eggs. In the North of India as well as in Mumbai eggs are considered non vegetarian and are not sold in every shop. Some shops and restaurants even claim to be “pure veg” that is they do not cook either meat and chicken or fish and eggs.
When Indians go out
Of course office employees or physical labor workers have to carry out their duties in any time of the day. But on weekends or during vacation people normally stay at home from 12 o’clock in the afternoon till 5 or 6 in the evening.
Housewives, if they need to buy some groceries, like fresh vegetables or milk, they try to fulfill it in the morning or evening. Although one sometimes can see children playing out in the yards under the sunlight, but it’s more an exception than a rule.
A market
About temperature

Although it’s just the end of January, temperatures remind the summer months (March to May) and rise till 33°C. As much as I remember in January 2013 it was not at all so warm. Moreover we experienced “frosts” at nights and the temperature fell down till +10°C . Yes, 2014 seems to be much warmer.

By the way, as recently as yesterday we still enjoyed quite cool weather. All the January around the night temperatures varied from 14 to 23°C at night and from 25 to 20°C in the afternoon. During the 1st part of January which was thre coldest period, the temperature rose maximum till 18°C at night and till 28°C in the afternoon.

If you are a traveler, pay attention that the weather in Mumbai, Goa and Kerala is quite similar. The difference is that temperatures are always a bit higher in Kerala and Goa than in Mumbai. And the Monsoons are stronger and more frequent in Kerala and Goa than in Mumbai.

Also make sure that you have taken a sunscreen and an umbrella along if you decide to go out in the afternoon. It’s very important even if it’s cloudy as the UV index in India is always super high from 11 or 12 in the afternoon until 5 or 6 in the evening.

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